in 2004, mGreg is a small company based in the Central KY area that dabbles in all things technology. From the minutest of maintenance tasks to the largest of application and infrastructural undertakings, mGreg has the expertise you need. We firmly believe that "it's only a solution if it works for you!"


  for most major platforms (desktop, server, and mobile) including, but not limited to MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Unix. Technology is nearly by definition a moving target. In an ever-changing landscape such as this, a diverse knowledge and resource base cannot be overstated.


 in the design and creation of web and desktop applications alike. As a contributing member of the OISV, mGreg takes great pride in its status as an independent software vendor. Whether you're in need of a proprietary desktop application, or any of a host of web and network solutions, mGreg delivers.